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    500GB HD Recommendations
    I am planning on adding a 500GB internal drive to my Power Mac G5 / 2GHz Dual machine (Mac OS 10.4.8). It would either be use either as a boot or storage drive.

    I have a Maxtor MaxLine 300GB (7V300F0) in the second bay but I want to replace the Maxtor 150 GB (boot drive) that originally came with the Power Mac.

    I am looking at the following drives:
    - Maxtor MaxLine 500 GB (7H500F0)
    - Western Digital Caviar SE16 (WD5000KS)
    - Western Digital RE2 (WD5000YS)

    I am leaning towards the Caviar but it only has a 3 year warranty and no published MTBF information.

    The RE2 has 5 year warranty but it has TLER, NQC.

    What is TLER and NQC and do I really need them? I also read somewhere, something about needing to turn off TLER in a non-RAID environment. How is that done?


    PS -- I have included below the links to the PDF spec sheets for the above drives as reference.

    Maxtor MaxLine 500 GB

    Western Digital Caviar SE16

    Western Digital RE2

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    I swear by Seagate hard drives. In servers, laptops, desktops, you name it; nobody touches their quality and reliability.

    Your data is the most important part of your computer, and I refuse to rely on any other branded hard drives. Seagate drives also pack a standard 5 year warranty; no other SATA drive on the market can match that. I run Seagate drives in my iBook, PC laptop (HP nc4010), and PC desktop (Dell E521). I'm an IT manager for a mid-sized business and very rarely do I experience trouble with Seagate drives. Maxtor/WD/IBM/Hitachi/Fujitsu is another story. I have some 10 year old Seagate SCSI drives at work that are still running strong...

    Edit: Also, NCQ will probably not work on the G5, so no worries.

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    I agree with poster before me. I just purchased a SEagate hard drive and it works like a charm. I have always used Seagate drives and never had a problem.

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