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    Safe Operating Temperature, GPU?
    I recently discovered a really neat screen saver called LotsaWater, which makes it look like your desktop is made of water upon which it is raining gently. It is a wonderful effect, extremely well done. See if you would like to get it yourself.

    On the author's web site, he indicates that it is fairly CPU intensive, but that is not my concern. On the PowerMac G5 it is not too much of a worry. However, I am worried about the graphics unit.

    Using iStatPro, I see that the normal operating temperature of the GPU is somewhere in the 60 C region (58-60 is normal on my machine). When LotsaWater has been running for a while, it jumps up to between 68 C and 70 C. So, all that water ripple simulation is really making it work hard.

    So, the question is: is this a safe long term operating temperature for the GPU? If anyone knows, or if they know that they regularly run at this temperature because they are doing graphics intensive work, I would love to hear. Thanks!
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    That temp sounds OK to me. Screen savers like that tend to eat up the video card, so it would be the same as gaming or doing intensive graphics...

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