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Thread: Power Mac G5

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    Power Mac G5
    power mac g5
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    i just replaced a bad power supply, now my computer fans are running very loud. before installing the new power supply the computer was ran quitely.

    the firmware is up to date. reset the pram also.

    any suggestions?

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    Clearly something you have done has disturbed the fan control mechanism. Did you replace the power supply with an Apple (or Apple approved) part of the same model and number? Any chance that you failed to connect back up some temperature sensors? Any chance that you left cables etc. out of place inside the machine, disturbing air flow? If all else fails, you may need to take it in to the nearest Apple store for repair.
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    my guess is maybe the wrong PSU
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    I second coach_z. It sounds like the power supply unit may be causing the loud noise.
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    i switched the processors & the fans came back to normal.


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