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    I killed my iMac!
    iMac 800 512 mb

    Was working fine - bought new machine and decided to reformat and give iMac to daughter.

    Put in installation disk and reformatted - it said it was an older version of the os but I can't see how!!

    All seemed to go fine entered options and it chirped along hapily telling me what it was reinstalling but on reboot it died. It will only start up and give a chime, Apple logo comes on, and then a grey curtain comes down. A popup tells me I have to restart the machine and we start all over again.

    It has eaten the system disk and wont give it back. I have reset the pmu and it's not connected to anything else. I know I should have left it alone but hindsight is 20/20.

    Is this a case fot the scrap heap now?



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    Reading the forum-
    I've manage to get the disk out with holdin the mouse button down and switching it on but it's still dead otherwise

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    Hi nigel! Welcome here!

    Have you made sure you used the CDs that came originally with the iMac G4? I can only see this happening if you used the wrong installation disks...

    I have the same iMac as a second computer and you should have in the original bunch of CDs that came with it a Hardware Test CD. Start up from that CD and run the test in Extended Mode, see what this test comes up with.

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