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Thread: iMac for video editing

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    iMac for video editing

    I've never purchased a mac, but looks like I will be making the switch here in the next few weeks. I've been trying to decide between an iMac & a Mac Pro & I think I'm leaning toward the iMac 24".

    I want to do video editing, & will probably need enough juice to edit a feature length video with multiple edits & audio tracks. My question is this:

    1) Can the iMac cover my video needs if I end up doing extensive video work?


    2) I know I want at least 2 GB of Ram. I would consider the 3 GB, but I've always heard that getting Ram in even increments is most effecient. Your thoughts?

    I'd love any feedback I can get on these subjects.

    Oh, I'd probably start working in iMovie, but figure I'll end up going with Final Cut.



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    1) IMO, you are leaning towards the best option. iMac 24' is good choice for video editing and it has a large enough screen. Mac Pro is perhaps an overkill.

    2)I am not sure about that but what I know is by having two matching RAM sticks, you can get the best out of your Mac (optimum use of dual-channel memory architecture).

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    Thanks. That's what I was thinking. I'm a little leery of the iMac not having much upgrade potential, but they seem to have quite a bit of bang right out of the box.

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