My daughters imac Graphite G3 willnot start up. It is running OS 9.2.1 as well as OS 10.1.4. It was set to always start up in OS 10.1.4. Two days ago she restarts the imac and it attempts to start up in OS 9.2. It get's as far as the start up window and then a blank error message appears.

What I have done so far.
Ran Apple hardware test - everything passed
Ran Disk Warrior - All repairs were made.
Tried to do a software install (OS 9) receive blank error message. Just like start-up and will not let me install or even boot from OS 9 install cd
Tried with 10.0.4 cd and 10.1 cd and I receive a blank error message and can not install.
Tried with extensions off and still receive blank error message

any ideas? We donot care if she loses what ever is on the hard drive that she neglected to back up. We will do a fresh install if we can just get into the system some how.

Any help would be highly appreciated.