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    Memory card problems
    Hi All,
    I am still a little new to the mac. I have got a question that I need some insite on.
    I use memory cards for a MP3 player I have and one also for my camera. The problem I am having is they dont seam to work right on the mac. They dont read all the time, nor can I format them, I also get readings that they are full when they arnt.
    I feel that I should be able to do anything with these memory cards that I can on a pc, but I just cant figure it out.
    Is there some type of software out there???
    Oh, I am running a G4 powermac 733 with tiger installed.
    Please help.

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    Does no one have any answers for this problem??

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    G'day Madrider,

    Is your memory card reader Universal?

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    That is a good question. I have uesed it on the mac but have always had problems. Hey I recken it is worth a try. I do really hate to have to go back to a pc, becouse the mac wont do what I want it to.

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