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Thread: G5 Dual - Passed All Diagnostics - Does not boot

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    G5 Dual - Passed All Diagnostics - Does not boot

    My cousins G5 out of a sudden does not boot any more.

    You just see the apple logo and that is it.

    When I turn it on, you hear the booting sound and the fans spin.

    I tried reseting the PRAM that did not do much.

    I ran the diagnostics CD and that passed all the things logic board, mass storage, memory, and video ram. Airport I don't have and the network cable was unpluged.

    I tried hiting the install new system icon when I booted in the diagnostic mode, I had to put a paper clip in there for the cdtray to open, and I only saw the same old mac logo.

    What do you guys think it is. I was suspecting a mother board, video card, or memory, but all of those obviously passed the test and the video card worked.

    What else could be wrong for the computer to not respond at all.

    Thanks in advance,


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    After booting your system using your instal media, run the disk utiltity application. Check to see if you can see your system disk. If you are unable to see it, that maybe your problem.
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    you suspect the hardrive?
    When I start using the diagnostics cd which happens to be the Disk 1 that came with the machine, I saw the volume in there, an option to install the OS and another one to run the diagnostics.

    At that point I had ran the diagnostics a bunch of times, same passing results on everything, and also I assumed the OS installation became corrupt so I tried to reinstall the OS but that gave the same blank scree with the mac logo in there, and a no video input right before that.

    Very weird :-)

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    That happened to my G5 also. It was a bad hard drive. They replaced it at the Apple store that day and all was good.
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