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    Nov 18, 2006
    Question G4 Power Mac question

    I'm thinking of buying a second hand G4 Power Mac.

    I understand upgrading Ram is fairly easy, but what would you suggest to do for upgrading Hard Drive memory. I'm thinking of going from 60GB to about 100GB. Would you recommend getting an external drive instead of an internal upgrade?

    It would be the first time I upgrade a please forgive me if it's a stupid question...

    Thanks, Jamie

    PS: This is my first post! I'm glad to be a G4 away from joining the Mac community !

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    I would personaly go with an internal update. It's easy enough to add on one hard drive or update the one you have. Just my 2 cents. I just finished installing 3 more hard drives in my mac pro. That was the easiest install ever!!!!

    What is the distance between here and now anyway?:mac:

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    yea totally do a internal upgrade... leave ur existing drive in there and just add another ... i think u can add like 2 extra internal drives in there without any kinda add on board for the cables. and def max out that ram.. atleast a gig. i threw in 2 200 gig hds with my 40 gig startup and i got plenty of room on those w no clutter on my desk
    when it breaks just upgrade it.

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    Thanks for the quick replies!

    SunsetRoadzter talks about "upgrading internal drive". If I do that in a few months time, will that overwrite what I already have on the drive? Or does it just litterally add more space? If not, I think I'll just have to add in a drive as you said.

    Any suggestions of good sites to get these from? I'm in the UK but I'm prepared to order from abroad if I have to.



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