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    Hi Guys,

    Just found this forum while searching for some info regarding an iMac I got for my pop.

    I am not new to iMacs. I got my first one when the Graphite DV came out. It has the 400Mhz processor, 384mb of ram and 20gb hard drive. It was sweet when it first came out but a couple of years ago I got another iMac off e-bay. It was too good to pass up on. Still a 400MHz processor but had a 40gb hard drive and TONS of programs. I upgraded the ram slightly to 768mb.

    I do some design work and work at a print shop so I knew MACs a lot better than PC's.

    Well, that is my story. Now, let's see if you guys can help me out. I will probably have to post somewhere else but here is the problem. I got my dad an iMac off e-bay and the power button seemed like it was broken. I had to jam it pretty hard to boot it up. I got it to work a few time but now it does nothing. We took the machine apart and had a look around and here as what we see. First off, we swapped out the power button with an older iMac that we knwe works and nothing new. What does happen is you hear the monitor crackle when you try to power up and a light comes on inside the machine but nothing comes up. The glowing power lighht does nothing.
    Another thing that was strange is that even when the machine was powering up, the keyboard power button never worked. It is not the keyboard because it has booted my other macs.

    So, do you think this a motherboard problem or a power source problem?
    Has anybody been through this problem?
    If this is not the place to post this sort of question, where should I post?


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    I've had that problem with my iMac.. It was a 350 I swapped the logic board out on, it's a 500 now.. I've had some real problems getting it to power up, but then they go away and it works fine.. I try to just leave the thing on...

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