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    Question i want to change my CD drive with HD..
    i have imac 350. My HD is totaly lost now i can open it after 5-6 tries everyday. So i have to change it. that is why i bought an HD compatible with mac.

    i have to make this change, by myself. i already pull out my imac everything is very clear right now. now the question is;

    1- if i put my old HD instead of CD part, and put my new HD instead of HD part, will it work ? i want to change my CD drive with one of the hard drives.

    why i am asking ? because i notice that, CD drive cable in my imc, has 3 more lines then HD. in my both HD, i have 3 more lines not using right now and passive.

    2- 2 HD will work together ? i dont want my imac cd driver i already have an external cd.

    3- if it will work, new HD without installation will be appear on my desktop ? because there is no system in it right now. is it possible to use driver settings application ?

    thanks for any help will appreciatable

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    wtf are you on about?

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