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    Mac Pro Freeze...kind of??
    Hey all,

    So, I came home from work tonight and hit the mouse to wake up my new Mac Pro 2.66. No luck. I had left Freeway Express running before I left and didn't close. Don't know if that had anything to do with the problem. I had no response from my mouse or the keyboard so I hard started the computer and nothing. I did a troubleshooting escapade that had me plugging in both the keyboard and mouse into every dang USB port I had. The mouse would light up in the front ones but not work, the keyboard wouldn't work at all, my other Logitech wouldn't work either, nor would my old G4 keyboard. I was a bit frustrated to say the least. I finally shut it all down and let it sit for about 15 minutes and when I turned it on again, everything worked. Morale: has anyone had their new Mac Pro freeze with the keyboard and mouse like this??? When they weren't working, the desktop would boot fine, just no control. Anybody???

    Howie J

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    Computers are useless, it's a fact. Doesn't matter how new or old or expensive it is, they're useless! As long as it doesn't happen to regularly ignore it! Save your work.
    I've had one big freeze so far in my 2 months of mac pro ownership. That came in osx for no apparent reason - everything started to slow down and the mouse started to move less smoothly. Windows XP has been nothing other than rock solid in that time, and I use it more of the time... Wouldn't have expected that

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    From your discription I'm not sure you had the same issue as I did, but once right after I had purchased my Mac pro I thought I had shut it down but I believe I had actually put it in a sort of sleep mode. The power light was on ( if I remember correctly dimly) but nothing like moving the mouse ect. had any effect.

    I had to hold down the power key for 5 seconds or so, shut the system down and all was well again.

    I'm not sure if you had the same problem but I thought I'd reply just in case.
    Mac Pro 2.66
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