Hello everyone! I couldn't find a specified place to introduce myself but I think this is the most fitting, seeing as this is where I will be spending most of my time!

My question is this: Can you take a processor from say a G4 400 and put it into a B+W/Beige G3 or any other G4 tower outside of the early sawtooth family? Or can any of the ZIF processors from any G3/4 be used in other G3/4 product family applications?

I ask this because I saw an advert on ebay.com selling a processor pulled from a working machine stating it could fit into G3 B+W, beige and other G4 towers.

This seems crazy as the question of this being a possibility has already been answerd (no!) by all the upgrade cards on the market.

I know this is not possible but please tell me you can re-educate me! I want this to be true!

I think this is just a badly written advert and while it seems that the item is a stock apple part it must be a 3rd party card?


Thanks alot!