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Thread: Is it worth the extra money? iMac 24 upgrades.

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    Is it worth the extra money? iMac 24 upgrades.
    I am going to buy an iMac 24 this weekend and I am considering a few upgrades but don't know if it is worth the extra $400. What I am considering is the following:

    Processor to 233 ghz from 2.16
    256 Video card
    Wireless keyboard and mouse
    I want to go to 2G of Ram, but I understand it can be found much cheaper than buying from Apple direct.

    This is per the apple site configuration page for the iMac.

    The reason I am considering the upgrades is that I will be using Photoshop to edit pictures and do some video editing. All of it at a very basic level, nothing professional. I am coming from the PC world and I am tired of having to upgrade or deal with crashes. This may be overkill or maybe it is worth the money... not sure but hoping I could get some feedback that will help me make a decision.

    Also, should I be looking at another vendor besides buying directly from Apple? Any store/online I should look at.

    Thanks for the help.

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    Photo editing can be quite resource intensive, particularly if you are using Photoshop. My advice would be to load up on the RAM and go for the fastest processor you can. Remember, until Adobe releases CS3, the Mac has to interpret Photoshop under Rosetta. You need all the speed you can get... and Rosetta apps are reputed to run faster if you give the machine more RAM.
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    170Mhz in processor clock speed between the same design of CPU is nothing and you won't notice any difference. A waste of money in my view, but I'd recommend getting 2 gigs of RAM.

    A 256Mb graphics card will help for playing Doom3 and Quake4, but for not much else.

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    I had the same delima when I bought my 24" Imac. I went with the 2.13ghz, 2gb of ram and the 256mb on the vid card which is the 7600GT card.
    If you do a search in the forums alot of your answers lie there.
    Some people would agree and disagree, but I bought my upgraded ram from Apple for about $140.00 more.

    I like to have plans for the future and like to keep my Imac for anywhere to 4 to 5 years, before finding something new again.

    Going from 2.13 to 2.33 shows a very SMALL amount of performance by the way.

    Good luck 2 ya.
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    If you are doing entry-level basic photo/video editing, you will most likely be fine without the 2 gigs or the faster processor. If you think you're going to be doing hardcore photo/video editing down the road, you should definetly consider upgrading now (since you cannot upgrade the processor or graphics card afterwards).

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