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    Upgrading iMac CPU
    I just picked up a green 333mhx iMac (Free) I was wondering if it is possible to replace the cpu with a newer (500mhz or close) from a different iMac? I want to be able to run osx, so an upgrade card won't work, but what about an actualy cpu replacement? thanks!

    oh, and the ram is a standard so-dimm, right??

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    Well, there are some posts that talk about that, replacing a G3 processor for a G4 at 500 Mhz, you should look for them (I would tell you where they are, but i do not have enough time :d)

    Hi ^__^

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    Ahh, so it must be somewhat possible. i'm not a mac person myself, until two days ago, i will look harder. thanks!

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    I don't believe that you can upgrade that machine. The slightly older imacs (Rev B) are able to replace the daughter board with an upgrade.

    The good news is that you can run OS X on your machine. At least through Jaguar. I have X running on a 266 imac, and it does fine. I've obviously added more ram, but other wise it's stock.

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