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    Hello everyone,

    I recently acquired a 333Mhz Blueberry with OS 10.3. Currently I have a few hopes for it.

    1. Is it possible to remove the integrated CRT and insert a 14" LCD?
    2. Will a new hard drive and more memory speed up performance to a respectable degree? Currently it idles with about 2MB of memory free so I bet it's being slowed down by swapping so often.



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    It should be possible to get an LCD to work with it but you will have to find out what the connections are. A google search for that may help. Found this link on accelerate your mac with a modded iMac to Cube.

    I have seen other nicer ones but don't know the links anymore.

    The extra ram will help and the hard-drive will also, so long as the speed of the new drive is faster than the old one. If it's larger then the original 6-8-gig drive then you'll have to partition it if you want to install OSX which is also a good idea. Panther works the best on the 333's.

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