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Thread: Software restore problem...cdrom not in devalias

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    Software restore problem...cdrom not in devalias
    I bought an iMac G3 Indigo. The previous owner left the passwod logon intact. I went into NVRAM & did reset-nvram & then reset-all. Try to boot up with the restore CD with C-key depressed OR the command/option/shift/delete combin. The iMac went right to the HD boot. I then reset the PMU & redo the NVRAM reset. Same thing! I then went into NVRAM and did a devalias. cdrom is not in the list. Is it normal?? Then i typed "boot cdrom" . The iMac chewed out message too quik for me to see and ended with a screen with a big circle with a backward slask in it. How do I get the iMac to boot from the cdrom?? Thanks!

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    more info. I reboot with the option key depressed. Only the HD shown up!

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