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    Unhappy Apple Remote
    Hi all, first post, but I plan on sticking around long after

    My Intel based Mac Mini is awesome, but I need some help with the Apple remote.

    The remote worked for about 2 days, but now it does not want to. I replaced it at my place of purchase, but the symptoms remain!

    It only wants to put the Mac Mini to sleep. It's as if it thinks I am holding down the play/pause button. But I am not!!

    Even from a few inches, it sometimes works, but mostly does not.

    I have paired the new remote with the Mac, and it went swimmingly. Before I paired it, I unpaired the previous remote.

    Is this simply a case of interference?

    I am not using any other remotes at the same time! Like I said, even froma few inches it don't work!

    Any help will be appreciated


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    Try holding the remote against your head (it'll act like an antennae -I'm not kidding either by the way!). If that doesn't do anything try moving your Mac to another room in the house and see if that does anything.

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    Sounds like your Mac has a bad IR sensor.

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