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    Power mac boot issues
    Ive recently aquired a PowerMac G5.

    Firstly, the mac does not output any video. I beleive it has a geforce 5200 agp pro card. 2 video ports, one dvi, one is apples prop. port. using samsung lcd monitor with dvi to vga adaptor.
    When i turn on the mac, the led about the power button blinks breifly, then turns off - but the mac still runs, and the fans gradually speed up to full speed. still no video. made sure all connections were in place.

    that is after i reset the PMU. the led used to stay on, but there was still no video.

    -it has no hard disk-

    Shouldnt it atleast start, and display something about no hard disk? after the video problem is fixed that is...

    Any ideas?

    Thanks guys.

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    Well I just brought a G4 Cube with 17" LCD Studio Display (LCD) and when I turned it on (with no HDD installed) it makes the startup chime and then goes to a grey screen and shows a folder with a ?.

    Does the G5 make the startup chime?
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    I forgot about that startup chime being very important...

    No... none at all. just those fans spinning up to speed gradually. No video either.

    Thanks for the Reply.


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