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Thread: Powermac G5 Power Supply?

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    Unhappy Powermac G5 Power Supply?
    hey i just got a free powermac g5 single processor 1.8ghz! when i plug it in and hit the power button the light lights up and the fans try to turn on and it just instantly turns off. takes about 2 seconds for it to shut down. wont even fire up. fans try turning and then they stop.. sounds like a bad power supply??? any help would be great thanks! :yinyang:

    * another thing i didnt get the actual power cord for this mac... i tried a power cord from a pc.. dont know if that might make a difference!! but there was a problem with the computer before that is why i got it for free... thanks again!

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    The cord won't matter, Apple has made its share of absolutely ridiculous proprietary cords before, but the G5 will use a regular power cord. Do you even get a startup chime? How about pressing the SMU button? Read this first:
    Hopefully that will give you startup, in which case do this:

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    In order to troubleshoot the power supply, I would disconnect every piece of hardware that has a power cable except for the main power to the motherboard and the video card (if it has an external power cable). Then try and start it up. If it still doesn't start, it's either the motherboard, memory, CPU, or the power supply. If it does start, then your optical drive or some other thing plugged into the PSU is acting up.
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