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    Freezing when waking up & strange noise
    Hi everyone

    I'm having a few problems with my Imac G5, started about a week ago, my girlfriend did the mac software update, and i think it updated the sleep light or something. Then the mac worked ok all the time it was in use, but when i wake it up from a sleep the whole thing locks up, then the fans go mad.
    Now the problems have got worse, it intermittently boots, sometimes i get a grey screen then the little folder with the flashing question mark, i'm also getting a loud static crackling noise when I turn it on that can last a few seconds or a few minutes till the fans come back on.
    I've zapped the pram, and reset the firmware but it hasn't helped.

    Anyone got any ideas??

    Sorry about the long post!


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    no ideas? diagnostic leds are fine on mobo and it passes all the diagnostics ok, power supply? hard drive? ram? am i the only person with this problem?

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