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    do macs go on sale
    im looking to buy a new imac does anyone know if imacs go on sale around the holidays or at all. any feed back will be helpful. thanks:bone:

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    I don't get it...They're on Sale Now. Unless theres another version coming out that I don't know about?
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    For the most part no. They might have a slight discount, or more often an offer like a free printer or some other peripheral. Your best bet would be checking the Sunday Ads. for your local stores and looking around on the internet for retailers having special offers. Hope that helps.
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    i dont have no mac's
    macs, for as long a i can remember, never go on sale or clearance.

    they do bundle stuff along with them for free or cheap but a sale will never happen.

    there are educational (both teacher and student) discount that can be had if you are either a teacher or student.

    they also have a refurbished store which sells at discount because they are either returned or fixed product.

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    I belive last year after thanksgiving you could get $100 off an imac.

    But No, apple's don't go on sale often. Once in a while after a new model comes out you can get a good deal at your local CompUSA or Fry's electronics store on the older model
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    I did months of research on iMacs before purchasing mine, and I never came across one that was less than the price at the Apple Store. I got $100 off a printer (I chose a 99 dollar printer, which means I got it for free). Also, during back to school time they gave out free iPod nano's with the purchase of any iMac/macbook etc. Which is a pretty sweet deal if you ask me. Even if you have an iPod already, you could sell it on eBay and save yourself 200 bucks.

    I don't know if you're a student or not, but if you are, make sure to take advantage of the student discount.

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    thanks for your help everyone

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    The best deals are probably the refurbished macs - usually they have quite a chunk of cash knocked off.

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    you cant go wrong with their refurbished macs, im on my third refurbished Mac . and now looking at the refurb macbooks.

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