Over the past few months, I've been having some problems with my dual 867 MDD. The computer would kernel panic sometimes 3 times a day. I isolated all the ram, along with all peripherals. I checked directories on the hard disk, and there were no problems. I decided to reinstall the OS anyway. It seems as though for the most part the kernel panics have stopped. I'll maybe still have one every couple of months. However, it's really the startup that I'm having a problem with. When I start the computer, it will go to the apple spinning logo screen, then the next screen is just a blank blue screen. Sometimes it hangs there and doesn't go any further. Sometimes it kernel panics at that point, and I have to shutdown and try it again. Sometimes this shutting down and starting up process takes one or two times for me to get the computer up and running. Sometimes it could take as many as 15 times before the computer finally gets to the desktop. Prior to all of this, I noticed that I was having problems with things that appear to be related to the video card. When I'd drag around a window, it would cascade, until I'd use Expose, and that would put everything back to normal. There are some other things that have happened visually, but are maybe a little too lengthy to list here. Could the video card be going, and that's causing the desktop not to appear when I startup the computer? Can video card problems cause kernel panics? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!