While fighting some issues I'm having with my external HD's (in Venus DS3 enclosures), I decided to run the Apple Hardware Test from the install DVD. The Quick Test runs fine, with no issues. Running the "Detailed" test, though, has an issue. When we get to the "mass storage" portion, the test craps out, giving me the error in the title:

2STF/8/3: B (lower)

Is the exact text of the message. This is being displayed on a ~1.5 year old dual 2.0 G5 PowerMac. 2gb Ram, 2x 250 internal HD's. This error was being displayed with no external items connected, aside from the keyboard, mouse, and monitor.

I've found a little on the net about this, but not a lot. If anyone could offer some enlightenment or information, I'd certainly appreciate it.