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    Trouble with my iMacs
    Heres my problem:

    I have 2 IMACS and a dell desktop. For the last couple of days my the internet on my IMACS have been runin mad slow. All the bars on my connection are filled on both of them but when i run safari it takes longer than normal for my pages to load. Like really long. My modem and router are running through my dell, I thought it may have been because i was downloading the full season of full metal alchemist . But after I stopped the download the IMACS were still running slow. Help me out people what could the problem be? Any ideas cause they are running like i have dial up and thats not cool.neye:

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    Is your dell running AS a router? the problem then could be that the dell has spyware or a virus that is using your bandwidth. If you have an external router, then try removing the dell from the network and see if there is any improvement. You could also try a speedtesting website like dslreports to check your broadband speed. If you are a frequent downloader using p2p and torrent sites your provider could have capped your connection speed. Most times this could be remedied by not mass downloading files, and let your traffic return to a normal level or contact your provider.

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    Thanks. I will give it a try.

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