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    Can mac mini go through airport xray machines?
    Can my mac mini go through the airport xray machines? I intened to carry on the mac mini's? Will this harm the mac mini?

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    In vegas they'll require you to move it out of the box.

    It won't harm the computer, it just may be seen as a "possible security alert" for some strange reason they've conjured up.

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    Hasn't bothered my PB the many times it has gone through them.

    But as Logan said you will probably need to remove it from the box

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    I have brought my powerbook AND a mac mini through an X-Ray Machine at an airport, both are perfectly fine, nothing to worry about my friend.
    White MacBook, 2.0 ghz Intel Core 2, 2GB ram||[G4 iMac Flat Panel] |800mhz|1Gb RAM|60gb HDD|Combo Drive

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    very interesting question tho. but ya i have taken my ibook g4 through airport xray machines, and there has been o problems.



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    I went through four airports each way on my trip to Africa in July, carrying my PowerBook on both times (didn't want to risk losing it) and the machines never damaged it. You'll be fine

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