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    2 gb or 3 gb ram on new 20" imac???
    Just curious. I had the mac mini with 2gb ram and it felt fine - I had the 1.66ghz processor with 2gb of RAM - some tasks such as compositing photo's seemed to take some time - but otherwise it worked fine. I had it hooked up to my plasma tv - and the pic was great...

    But - I'm trading up to an Imac that doesn't require me to take up my TV and have something in the office. Plus - I'm giving my sister the mac mini.... as I'm a new mac convert and now feel that everyone I know should have one. Its awesome (and yes - I work in the windows software industry).

    But I'm stumped - should I bump up the memory along with the cpu to 3gig - or will 2 gig be just fine...

    I use primarily rapidweaver, gimpshop, internet, and would like to get into doing some flash work (looking for the Adobe Web Bundle once I enroll in a local college for my masters).

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    I guess you have to decide if the upgrade from 2 to 3 GB is worth $575 US. To me it isn't, but it might be to you. I'm running a 24" with 2 GB and it is fast enough for anything I do... but it depends what you do.

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    All the stuff you mentioned will run fine with 1gig, let alone 2. 3 would be a waste of money at the moment.

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    I'm sure in your case 1GB will work fine. If you really want to add more RAM I would just buy it from and get much more value for your money.

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    Thanks - I ordered the 20" imac with 2 gig
    of ram and upgraded the video card. I found a site that had run comparisons using the 2gig and 3 gig and the differences were not astounding. It seems that memory access and addressing is faster with "like" chips and although 3 gig is faster - it isn't like 30 percent faster - more like 10 percent doing a variety of movie editing tasks.

    Now I just have to agonize while waiting for the new machine. I chose next day delivery - ordered last night and it says Nov. 7 for due date. This I find funny since the store says 2-4 days for delivery.

    I had several complaints about the store though. Very difficult to use.

    They say you have to be home for delivery - but don't give exact dates
    Using my gift card was difficult
    No ability to compare across machine on one page.


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    If you go aftermarket ram from newegg or somewhere it is definitely feesable, but if you are going to spend more on it why not get the 24 inch?
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