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Thread: Looking for a cheaper prices imac intel

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    Looking for a cheaper prices imac intel
    Im about to buy the new imac intel from the apple store but i figured i would come on here and ask if anyone else knows of any other places that sell imacs for a cheaper price. its not that I'm cheap , its that i just like to get the best deal. any help on this matter would be great. thanks

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    I find that nobody beats apple store prices. They give you printers and stuff.

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    eBay? Are you a student in higher education? Apple do discounts for students/teachers.

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    My best advice, look in the online apple store for refurbished models. A refurb iMac 20" 2 CoreDuo (not core2duo) is 1199.00 if you can catch the core2duo its 1299.00 I haven't seen any place touch that price. And it does have a full 1 yr warranty, and probably been tested more than a new imac. You may just have some minor cosmetic damage( scratches on the case )

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