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    Question Newbie Widescreen Help
    I have just jumped into the world of OS X with a G4 AGP tower (500MHz G4 with 1Gb RAM and 16Mb gfx).

    I have a 19" widescreen monitor (native resolution of 1440x900) but the display options on OS X are only giving me 1024x768 or 1024x768 (stretched) neither of these appear to display differently but it does mean that the video quality is very poor (DVD playback).

    Can someone suggest the best way to improve this? Either a software or hardware change, I just want my DVD's to look good.


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    Get a more powerful video card.

    I believe your machine has an AGP 2x video card, but check to be sure. Their prices aren't that bad, either.
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    I think the GeForce 2MX was in the Sawtooth G4s. Probably can't manage a 1400 resolution.

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    Thanks for the advice guys. I have switched over to the VGA cable (instead of DVI) and am now getting the option to run my display at 1440x900 at either 60HZ or 75HZ.

    If I get a more powerful graphics card will I get a better picture quality from the DVI output? I have seen some cards on ebay that have been flashed to be Mac compatible (~£40) and others that are Mac specific (~£90) I'm hoping the cheaper cards would be ok or should I go for the more expensive card to be sure of it working?

    Edit: I forgot to add that I'm pretty sure its the 16Mb ATI Rage 128 Pro card that came standard in the AGP G4 Power mac that I have just now.

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    A better graphics card will probably let you run your monitor at native resolution through your DVI port, which would result in a better quality image. However it wont make it look any better through VGA.

    The best (non-flashed) card you can get for your computer is an ATI Radeon 9800 Pro. If you find any good deals feel free to share them.

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    Yup a new GFX card is the answer. As a point of note, the GF2mx was the 2nd worst video card nVidia ever released, 2nd only to the 5200fx - another card Apple chose for their machines.

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