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    Help a new Mac convert

    I am a very new Mac convert having received my Mini only last week, and I have to say I have been enjoying myself so far (especially as I got an 80G Ipod at the same time)

    But during the long process of ripping all my cd's (800+) I appear to have developed a problem, when I insert a disc the Mini tries to read it for a few seconds then spits it out, now my assumption is that I had something stuck to a disc that I Inserted and it is now lodged in there.

    As a long time pc user my first inclination is to open the wee system up and start poking about, but as it is so small I think it may be beyond me (and invalidate the warranty) so is it worth taking a look? or should I take it in to an Apple store (I dont live to far from the west end, but finding the time is always a problem)

    Any advice would be greatly appreciated


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    Personally I would take it to Apple and see what they say. Especially seen as it is so new.

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    Yeah, if you live so close to an Apple Store, it's well worth it to find some time to get it checked out and avoid voiding your warranty. Also, why risk creating damage to other components?

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    Ditto ^^^

    Resist your urge to tamper and leave it to the AppleStore techs to sort out. You certainly have a large CD collection!

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