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    G3 333 connect to PC?
    I've bought a cheap iMac 333 (160m ram) to dip my toes in the mac world. I hope to be able to upgrade the ram and eventually install OS 10.3.
    However, I currently have OS 9.2.

    My regular PC is connected wirelessly to a DLink router/modem. I had hoped to be able to connect the iMac to the PC with a crossover cable and connect to the internet.

    Can this 'piggyback' approach be done?

    I can ping the iMac now from the PC but thats about as far as I've gotten.

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    this is probably a stupid idea, right?
    anyhow, plugged it straight into the router and no problems. Using it now (netscape really brings back the memories).

    it really needs a serious ram upgrade though, so I'll do that next before considering buying 10.x.

    having fun though! don't think I'll bother putting xubuntu on.

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