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Thread: Selling a B&W

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    Selling a B&W
    So after some problems with my ThinkPad (LCD is shot I think) which is used for school, I need some money to replace the LCD or part it out and buy a newer ThinkPad (I love them!)

    Well, I bought my 450Mhz B&W for $60 and put $40 into the Apple Pro Keyboard and Mouse, Restore CDs, and OSX 10.3 Disks... It has 640MB of RAM, the Apple Pro Keyboard and Mouse Combo, a CD-ROM drive, the stock 12GB HDD, a cheap "throw in" 15" CRT Monitor and comes with all the DVD/CD Media. It is the "Server" version of the Blue and White G3 and comes with the Apple PCI Ethernet Card (for a total of 2 ethernet ports) and a SCSI Card.

    I am hoping to get something like $100 for it at least, so I can break even... I haven't really found any use for it because I can't even use the internet with it as I cannot find a cheap Wireless card for it. (Yes, I think I'm better off with Windows for the time being. )

    What should I Sell It For, and I will be sold at a Yard Sale. Should I have it running so people know its working?


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    OK. So I sold it on Craigslist for $100, now I can sell my Thinkpad and buy a newer one.


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    oh crap. i would have met you in rhode island this weekend and picked that up from you....ive been wanting one of those for a while and it was my price range
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