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    Installing Serial ATA Drives
    I just installed a Mac Pro Tower.

    My old G5 had 2 hard drives installed.

    1. 80GB main drive installed by Apple (Serial ATA)

    2. 160GB I installed as a second drive. (Serial ATA)

    I have already transferred the 160GB drive to the new Mac Pro with no problems.

    My question is, can I transfer the Main 80GB hard drive out of the G5 into the Mac Pro as a 3rd drive without any problems (it does have the operating system on it from the G5 however)

    Any help on this question will be appreciated.

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    Probably be best to boot from install disk and zero out (write zero's) to the hd that has the old OS on it before booting from the Mac Pro's hd.

    If there are files on the old boot hd you need network it to the Mac Pro and copy them over.


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    Basically, I need to transfer some files over but right now I don't have a way to do it, other than install the drive into the Mac Pro as a 3rd drive. I am just wondering if there will be any conflicts in the operating system on the Pro: Mac OS X v10.4 Tiger?

    (logic board went out on the G5, so I have no way to access file on the main hard drive - I have to transfer the drive somewhere else to get files off it. Preferrably the Mac Pro.)

    In other words will be Mac Pro start up off the main hard drive and ignore the 3rd hard drive regardless of what's on it?

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    Quiet honesstly I don't know.

    Best guess is that it shouldn't matter or cause any problem.

    Several people I know run an OS X boot install on two or more hd's. BTW - that's somethimg that will bring most Windows PCs to their knees.

    Both handy as a backup way to boot w/o hosing data files and as canary for testing new OS or app updates.

    At update time update only one of the boot drives and work from it.

    If no problems are found then you can update the second install as a current backup before installing the next round of updates.

    If problems occur then you still have a working, stable hd to boot from.

    Don't know what your plans are for the old SATA drive but, if it seems to be in god condition, you might consider leaving it in the system and refornatting and making it a backup boot drive.

    Might not be as spiffy fast as the new SATAs but it's already paid for.


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