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    Boot Camp: Blue Screen of Death during installation, no Mac OS X?
    Hi, just tried to install Windows using Boot Camp on my new Mac Pro. I burned the driver disk, inserted my windows XP SP2 disk, computer restarted and windows installation began. During where setup is copying files i get the blue screen of death every time!

    When I restart my computer it just does this again, but I'm getting no option to choose between Windows or Mac OS X! Any ideas how to fix this?

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    Far as changing stariup disk - the standard solution is to hold down the option key then choose the option you want.

    Far as the XP Install goes - don't know.

    On my attempts XP loads the files and reboots ok but gives a hardware error about 6 minutes into actual install.

    Begining to think the problem is either a bad firmware update or a bad Sony cd/dvd drive.


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