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    planning on buying an iMac, looking for any user feedback
    Hey everybody, I'm planning on getting an iMac and was wondering if there were any sort of problems that show up specifically on iMac models? I was also wondering if any iMac owners could just provide some input on their experiences using the computer? Also, I read somewhere that after time the arm that holds the monitor kind of breaks down and causes the monitor to just sink instead of being able to stay up, anybody experience this? Thanks in advance.

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    Hi hi, I have a pretty old iMac and it has always worked well.

    Just about buying one? Cool, they are so easy to use.
    The only problem i now see is that sometimes the updates are pretty big and you need a fast internet conection to download them fast, besides that. pretty :d

    I now run OSX, it's so neat !!! stylish (I love thos icons, so well done), stable, fully compatible with devices such as digital cameras, mp3 players, ext. hdd's, etc.. nya !!! Cool cool cool n____n

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    hi Jaycrew

    I recently bought a G4 iMac. I've had it a week and am very pleased with it so far!

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    I don't ever remember hearing about the arms breaking or wearing out, but I'm sure that would be covered in the warranty also get the APP (Apple Protection Plan).

    Which one are you going to get? 17" or 20"?

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    I too have an older iMac, and I love it. I would recommend one to just about anyone. No other computer is as stable or as easy to use as an iMac. Right now I am saving my pennies to buy a G4 17" one.
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    Thanks for the responses everyone. The iMac is actually for my sister, I personally own a G4 iBook. I recently made the switch to macs in November and I haven't been more pleased with the performance of the computer. I've slowly become addicted to macs.

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