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    Removing Firmware Update
    How do I remove a firmware update so I can reinstall it?

    Got my Mac Pro -

    Read the insructions for Boot Camp 1.1.1 and downloaded it -

    checked firmware rev - it needed to be updated -

    printed out firmware update instructions and downloaded the firmware update -

    ran the firmware updater - all went ok until the reboot -

    after first reboot it started rebooting then the power LED flashed a couple of times, reboot restarted a third time then completed -

    DID NOT get the firmware updater window showing the current firmware rev after the reboot -

    System check showed the firmware to be the latest (updated) rev -

    But - now the Sony Superdrive is having reading even the Mac OS X disks -

    And when I try Boot Camp it goes ok .... Windows CD boots and then I go thru the usual Windows setup steps -

    About 6 minutes into installing the OS (after file copy, etc.) I get a blue screen that says a fatal hardware error has occurred and the install has been aborted.

    Followed by the error code info (something about a divide by zero error) and stating to retry the install if this the first time the fault has happened -

    Went through whole repartition, run Boot Camp thing -

    Still got the error -

    The Windows CD is a retail copy I bought directly from the Microsoft Regional Sales Office -

    At this point I think the firrware update is hosed just enough to cause problems with both the Sony SuperDrive and the Windows -

    Back to Apple's site .... downloaded and ran the firmware removerCD file -

    It says my system doesn't the program -

    So - how do I remove the firmware update so I can try it again ?



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    No takers ?

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    I honestly don't think it's possible.
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    I don't think it is possible to remove the firmware update either. I've never tried this before, but you may can try finding a previous version firmware update to install and see if that overwrites the current firmware update you have.

    Best of luck!
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    Thanks for the responses and wishes.

    Guess it's time to call custtomer sevice and see if there is any way of determing if it needs to be reinstalled or can be removed and reinstalled.

    The problem with the Sony dvd drive having problems reading disks seems to have gone away on it's own.

    Still looking into the Boot Camp install hardware error.

    May be something as simple as plugging the mouse into it's own port rather than into the keyboard.

    At the moment I'm having too much fun with Mac Pro to try Boot Camp again.


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