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    Strange noise coming from new Imac
    Hi, just recently received my second imac (intel duo 20 inch) after a faulty first. however, i am hearing strange noises coming from the unit whenever i click on an icon and open it up. I don't know if it is the hard drive but it sounds like a crackle. This happens when i click on something or close it down. Even happens sometimes when nothing is open. Just seems a little strange, almost like inteference. There is no problem with the wall socket or anything. Please can anyone help as i am going to ask for a refund if this ubit is also faulty! I would really appreciate answers from other users.

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    IS it coming out of the speakers? Is it still there if you turn the volume all the way down?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Alexis
    IS it coming out of the speakers? Is it still there if you turn the volume all the way down?

    no i have tried that still there!

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    mine makes the same noise too!
    I am also wondering bout this as I just got my new iMac 24 C2D and as soon as I turned it on it made crackling noises, as it was booting this the hard drive? is this normal? right now its updating software and not making a sound,but the crackling noise is irritating especially since I heard from a lot of people that it is almost silent...not mine. Well hopefully someone will be able to answer this otherwise I'll have to get on the phone with apple tomorow. Thanks!


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    I've noticed that a bit too, but it is when you put your head fairly close to the unit.

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    You do know the Harddrive and CPU have to work?

    You have the HDD, Optical Drive, CPU and Fans in there..

    Your of course going to get sound from it! lol

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