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    Just bought a new Mac and the monitor is dead...
    Im new to Mac and i just had a brand new 24 inch iMac delivered to me 2 days ago. I was enjoying it very much up till just now, i was watching videos and suddenly the whole monitor went black, i thought it went to sleep so i tried pressing buttons, but nothing happened. So i pushed the power button to wake it up, however i still couldn't see anything. Soon i heard the booting sound but the screen was still black, i can hear the sound of frontrow being brought up with the remote but the whole screen is dead, does anyone know why this happened or heard of it happening? I just bought this thing 2 days ago and now its dead
    Thanks in advance,

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    Nothing happend like that to my new iMac 17 inch Intel Core 2 Duo. I have had it over a month now.

    This is what I hate about All in One computers... if the screen dies, you are stuck until the screen is fixed or unless you connect an external monitor to it.

    Call Apple and have them send you a replacement. Since you only had it for over 2 days... I am sure they will send you a replacement. There is no purpose for a repair. Just ask them if them sending a brand new replacement is possible. Tell them you dont have time to wait until your current iMac gets fixed and that you are very disappointed since this is your first Apple product. Just say anything in your power to receive a new replacement.

    And I also hope you did purchase Apple Care Plan since things like that can happen again in the future.

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    Did you hit any keys when it happened?

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