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    Transferring Information with Target Disk Mode
    Bringing the info from my old G4 tower to my new MacPro. Target disk mode enages fine.

    But...several times now the bouncing yellow firewire icon on the G4's screen froze up and I had to hard restart it using the power button. After I did that the MacPro seemed to reengage the process and keep transferring information.

    And, for the longest time now it's been telling me only 15 - 20 mins. left to transfer the last bit "files to support applications" with no end in sight.

    Should I just wait it out? Does it always take this long and give such an inaccurate minutes left count?

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    I had the same problem when moving from my G4 Tower (Sawtooth) to my Quad. I had to move the hard way.

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