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    Do the Mac Pro graphics cards run in SLI?
    I'm about to order a Mac Pro for editing HDV,and I want to know if..

    a) Getting two Nvidia cards will make any difference.

    b) If the two cards I get will be running in SLI.

    Does anyone know?

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    From my understanding there is no driver to recognize SLI in OS X. However, I read somewhere that you can get it to work with BootCamp/WinXP

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    I think the Intel 5000X unofficially supports SLI, but I don't see it working in OSX for quite some time. It just doesn't seem to be an interest to Apple. At the moment the only thing you will gain from having 2 nVidia cards is the capability to use 4 monitors. They don't run in SLI.
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