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Thread: Need a Mini (or used desktop) for FCP

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    Need a Mini (or used desktop) for FCP
    Hi there. I'll be attending film school next fall, and after visiting the campus I found that we'll be using Final Cut Pro and Final Cut Pro only. I'm used to editing with Sony Vegas on my PC, and I'm not looking forward to having to learn the program amidst all my classes. I'd rather learn it before I have to go to the school. One option would be one of the new Mac Minis which run for $699, but I'm not sure they're able to handle FCP. I'd prefer one as the investment isn't huge and I'd also be able to run Windows on it.

    The only other option I can imagine is an older Mac desktop which will run FCP efficiently.

    What do you all think?

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    I use a Mac Mini with upgraded RAM (Although it is only 1gb) and it runs FCP fairly smoothly for me, but I can't have to many other programs running at the same time.

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