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    Anyone have experience with the Radeon 9600 Pro?
    Lookin' to upgrade the ol' video card in my Dual 1.8Ghz G5.

    I'm looking at the ATI Radeon 9600 Pro 256mb.

    Per the thread title, does anyone have any experience with this card? I read that the install was a little tricky due to this card needing it's own power from the logic board...any advice?

    Thanks a load.
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    I have the 9600 Pro 256MB in my new Mac Pro. So far, the card is performing perfectly. I have Call of Duty 2 and X-Plane installed. The card is running X-Plane at high resolution, other settings medium, at 50-60 fps. CofD2 runs like a greased pig on hot pavement! I have no complaints.

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    The Mac Radeon 9600Pro should not require external power so you should be good to go. That card should work fine in the G5; in a G4 it's another story...
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