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Thread: G4 ram question

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    G4 ram question

    i have a dual 1.4 g4, which has 4 ram slots, up to 2GB. i have 512MB in there now, and am looking to fill up the remaining 1.5GB. would having 4x512MB chips be faster/slower than having 2x512MB and a 1GB chip?

    also, any ram recommendations? apple's is way too expensive, and i've found some generic types on for $60 for a 512 chip.

    any info is greatly appreciated


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    I'm not sure weather it will be faster or slower, bu t watch out withteh type of ram. G4 and G5 machines are very finiky when it comes to ram. I Have a 512 MB infineon stick and it crates problems when waking fomr sleep. Use High profile complanies like kingston and Crutial. These work flawlessly with apple machines.

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    Other World Computing and MacMall are pretty good sources. Maybe Amazon too, but I haven't checked.

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