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Thread: newbie issues

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    newbie issues
    Probably the dumbest question I feel I've ever asked....
    I have a powerpc 5500 that I am quite new to. I am looking over the hardware and started wondering where things are. I can't seem to find the memory or the processor. And if possible does anyone know of a place that I can find that shows the layout of this model.

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    Google is your friend.....

    It loads WAYYYYY slow....panel 40 has a diagram for you.

    There is also THIS, which appears to be a different machine, but is still called a 5500....

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    Oct 05, 2006
    I couldn't get the first pdf to load, but the second looked very promising. Unfortunatly I don't have a tower. This is one with everything included in the monitor. You did get farther than I did so thanks for that.

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