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    Thumbs down MBP won't spit out DVD
    My MBP won't spit out the (new) DVD I put in. The movie is not in English, this is irrelevant but the reason I quit DVD player so I could watch something else.

    I have quid DVD player several times and ejected all 3 methods I know how yet it doesn't eject, it makes a soft crunching sound, I can hear it reving up and it starts playing the menu page again.

    As you can imagine this is most fustrating, I have shut down and re-started but it makes no difference.

    Is this yet another glitch on an otherwise very good laptop?

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    have you restarted while holding the trackpad button/mouse button down?

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    This happened to me a couple of times. The first time, I just ended up leaving it for a day, turned it on, pushed eject and it finally came out. Second time it took 20 minutes - I did other stuff and every now and then tapped eject, came out eventually.

    I noted that it only happened when I had the DVD in (btw, it was a different disc each time) while I had the MBP on my bed; ie. an uneven surface. A flick through the manual reveals that it is recommended to keep the MBP on a flat, level surface when using discs. That's the only advice I can give, apart from to keep trying. Suffice to say I haven't had the problem since I read this.

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