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Thread: my mac not working

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    my mac not working
    hi there all im new to the mac world i got a mac bagie off ebay i went and seen it working and it was running 10.2 i got it home and now it wont start up all i get is a disk with a ? in the middle so i got a 10.2 dvd and put that in and now it dont do anything done even get the disk so can any one help me
    thanks james

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    :doctor: Try starting from the 10.2 disc. Hold down the 'C' key and boot it up. You can try disc repair but if that doesn't work try reloading the software. Maybe the previous owner wiped the disc clean before letting you have it.

    Col :mac:

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    ok is seem as the keyboard is frozen it will start the mac up and then the caps lock light wont come on i got a hard drive with 9.1 installed and it still wont boot shell i get another mac G3 the owner didn`t wipe it i seen it working and then put it in my car and then i couldn`t get it to boot
    thanks james

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    ok i sorted it i got another mac i got a g3 300 512mb ram 2 hdd`s 1st 6gb 2nd 80gb dvd rom and a 20" monitor got if for 12.50 and it works so all i need is some software was 12.50 good of for a mac??
    thanks james

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