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Thread: Help me please i need to know this answer

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    Help me please i need to know this answer
    i have a g3 blue and white 400mhz, i am bidding on a g4 1ghz cpu. i am wondering if i can just swap out the g3. is it this simple or are there other things im not talkng into considderatiion? please let me know asap

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    Moved, you did not post in the correct forum.
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    99% sure you cant just do that
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    i dont remember

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    I believe the only G4 you can swap in there are on the upgrade processors (Sonnet, etc.). If you put a standard G4 CPU in a G3 I'm not sure what would happen, but if you'd like to keep your PowerMac around, I wouldn't be the first one to try it.
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