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Thread: helppppppp changing drive

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    Exclamation helppppppp changing drive
    Ive read the posts but i cannot get the front off my g4 quicksilver to change the dvd drive. I can only see one clip and it only releases the front for the zip drive.

    PLease how do i get it out...

    pictures would be helpful


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    I've never worked on a Quicksilver G4, but I know on my G4 MDD I have to take the front top and bottom handle thingies off in order to take the front faceplate off. Usually Apple likes to use those clips but if you pushed them through, it may just be that you have to take off the clear corner handle things.
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    Thankyou for your reply.
    In the end the reason that I couldnt follow the tutorials was because They were the wrong ones, maybe mine isnt a quiksilver because I had to take out the casing in which the dvd plaver is housed...undoing several screws. The front doesnt come off in any way shape or form.

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