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    iMac 24" with an EyeTV Hybrid
    Hi everyone,

    I've been thinking about getting a Mac for a while and now that I heard about the new iMac 24" I am about to switch, but need that one last push

    Basically my situation is like this:

    I just moved into a new apartment and I am thinking about how I could solve the entertainment and work situation. Right now I have an Acer Aspire 5020 laptop, which I use as my computer and TV as well. I also have an XBox 360 which I connect to the laptop using a USB tuner (Terratec Cinergy 250). You can imagine it's quite horrible playing all those games on a screen that small . So basically I thought that instead of getting a new computer and a TV (my apartment is quite small) I would just get a computer that would serve both purposes.

    I use my PC (when not watching TV on it ) for mainly web development and photography and of course (sometimes) games.

    This is the configuration I'm thinking about:

    iMac 24" w. 2.16Ghz Intel C2Duo
    2Gig RAM, Nvidia GeForce 7600 256Mb Gfx
    + Elgato EyeTV Hybrid

    I guess this should be a fairly good machine and a good investment for a longer period of time (which is not that long in computer terms, I know), it would be my TV, Mac OS X and Windows machine, so everything basically .

    Now a couple of questions regarding the tuner:

    1. Is this setup suited for watching TV/playing games for a longer period of time? I mean does it overheat maybe or are there any risks; can it sustain full framerate in fullscreen without problems? Maybe this is a stupid question

    2. What is people's opinion about the picture quality of the TV tuner?

    ...and some "switcher" questions:

    3. Will I be alright with having Windows XP on it with Boot Camp? I heard somewhere that there are problems with it on a 24" iMac (that's all I heard).

    4. Should I care about AppleCare?

    Phew I think that's all for now, thanks for your help

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    1. I have the 20" iMac, and havent had any heating problems at all and Im watching TV, working, surfing the net all at the same time for hours on time.. and not a problem at all

    2. It's great! You have to understand that TV has a lower resolution than your mac will. You can record at different resolutions so depending on how you want to view it, will depend on what it will look like. Also the higher the resolution the more disk space it's going to use.. I do a pretty low resolution for those shows that I just want to watch and a high resolution for those that I want to keep.

    3. No idea.. Im still a PPC Mac user

    4. I would.. I like the whole security thing

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    Thank you, I guess I really just need to go into an Apple store and have a look at it, but otherwise I'm convinced

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    I'm not sure why there would be any issue with the 24" iMac and running Windows. I've read a couple of reviews where the magazines had the 24" running Windows properly.

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    This may be a little help!

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    This may be a little help!
    beautiful o_O

    It surely helps

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    steve zissou
    ...Apple is beautiful.

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