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    Can I use a 250 GB hardive
    Hi guys i'm new to Mac's but have a Power Mac G4 duel 867MHz processor with 1 GB DDR Sdram Panther10.3.9 software I would therefore like to know if this system would support a Hitachie 250GB SATA drive it already come s with a 60GB or would i need to upgrade to Tiger 10.4
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    I believe you will need a sata controller, I think your computer had IDE connections.
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    I have the same computer (G4 MDD with dual 867MHz G4). It does not have SATA on-board the motherboard, so you will have to purchase a SATA controller card that is compatible with OSX. The G4 MDD should also support large PATA IDE drives as well, 250GB and larger. I think Seagate makes a 750GB PATA IDE drive now...
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